Individual Diagnostic Package

IIndividual Diagnostic Package

Are you busy? Lacking time to take care of your health? Take advantage of the Individual Medical Package, with which you will undergo a comprehensive examination in a short period of time. You only need a day or two (from morning to afternoon) to assess your condition with the help of professionals.
It is a kind of ‘marathon’ of consultations and analytical and diagnostic tests, individually tailored for each patient. An individual patient supervisor oversees the coordination, providing real-time information on areas that require heightened attention or additional diagnostics.

Carry out a one-off health review, which will provide answers to many important questions.


  • qualifying visit with the coordinating physician, who conducts a comprehensive medical interview and establishes an individual schedule of tests and consultations (this is a separate appointment, the date of which is to be arranged by phone).
  • 1 or 2 days during which you follow the examination schedule established with the physician
  • A follow-up visit with your physician, during which you will receive a “Health Report”


Benefits for the Patient

  • comfortable hospital conditions
  • individually tailored scope
  • professional medical staff
  • utilisation of technologically advanced medical equipment
  • possibility of performing a comprehensive health assessment in one place in a single day
  • time-saving when opting for self-requested examination (without the need for scheduling appointments each time, long waiting times for appointments or in a queue in front of a doctor’s office)
  • holistic and multidisciplinary approach
  • in case of any indication of abnormality, the possibility of immediate preventive action or comprehensive treatment


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