Clinical Department of Neurological Rehabilitation

Clinical Department of Neurological Rehabilitation

Paid services / services under National Health Fund [NFZ] coverage

St. Raphael’s Hospital offers comprehensive rehabilitation within its hospital unit for patients with neurological, orthopaedic, degenerative, and rheumatologic conditions.

During the stay in the Department, the following services are provided:

  • round-the-clock, multispecialty medical and nursing care
  • physiotherapy
  • speech therapy and neuro-speech therapy
  • psychological and neuropsychological therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • access to Orthopaedic Appliance Workshop

An appropriate rehabilitation programme, tailored to the type of ailment, is selected for each patient by outstanding specialists using advanced methods and modern equipment.

Contact details

Department Head

  • Dr. Marcin Jezierski

Medical and nursing team

  • Dr. Magdalena Blaźniak-Filuś


  • Dr. Martyna Łapuszek
  • Dr. Magdalena Machała
  • Dr. Ada Strohanava 


  • Ewa Wszendybył, M.A
  • Artur Sobczyk, M.A

Speech therapists

  • Aleksandra Wierzbicka-Semkło, M.A
  • Dorota Karpala, M.A

Occupational therapist

  • Adam Durlak, M.A

Our physiotherapists

  • Mariusz Wójcik, specialist in physiotherapy
  • Klaudia Myłek, MSc in Physiotherapy
  • Zuzanna Zatorowska, Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Departmental Nurse

  • Dorota Bałtowska
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