Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

Services under National Health Fund [NFZ] coverage

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Day Centre at St. Raphael’s Hospital provides comprehensive therapy in a day-stay setting. Cardiac rehabilitation is carried out based on an individually tailored training regimen prepared by a specialist in cardiology or medical rehabilitation physician in collaboration with Master of Science in physiotherapy. The regimen is determined based on a conducted stress test and other examinations.

Cardiac rehabilitation is an integral part of the medical management of cardiovascular diseases.

It is required for both patients undergoing conservative treatment and interventional treatment:

  • following myocardial infarction
  • following coronary angioplasty and peripheral artery angioplasty
  • following cardiac surgery
  • following heart failure
  • following other cardiovascular conditions with an indication for cardiac rehabilitation in a day-ward setting

Contact details

Medical and nursing team

  • Dr. Mariusz Wiśniewski

Our physiotherapists

  • Marcin Kubala, MSc in Physiotherapy
  • Łukasz Kamiński, MSc in Physiotherapy
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