General Surgery

General Surgery

Paid services / services under National Health Fund [NFZ] coverage

The General Surgery Department at St. Raphael’s Hospital comprises a team of experienced specialists. We provide a comprehensive range of procedures, including minimally invasive methods, based on modern technology and skilled medical staff.


  • standard surgery: thyroid surgery with laryngeal nerve neuromonitoring; abdominal hernia repair with and without mesh fixation using Desarda technique; organ surgeries in non-cancerous diseases.
  • minimally invasive surgery (MIS): MIS of gallbladder, liver, appendix, large intestine, hernias, varicocele, venous ulcers – cruroscopy, haemorrhoids – RFITTH Celon method, videothoracoscopy.
  • endoscopic procedures: diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, PTC, bronchoscopy, mediastinoscopy, mediastinotomy.

Contact details

Department Head

Medical and nursing team


  • Dr. Oskar Żywiczka 
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